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Confidentiality Policies

Any information you disclose to me during sessions, in compliance with HIPAA and NC state confidentiality laws is to be held confidential unless you permit me to disclose such information (in writing ) or where I am required by law. This basically means that I cannot and will not share any info or even confirm I am treating you to anyone, unless you give me written consent to do so. This includes consent need to be signed in order for  MDs to receive records or talk with me about your case.You have the right to only release specific information or all of it. In addition to privacy laws, my professional ethics aim to protect your privacy.

Limits of confidentiality are:  if you are in danger of harming yourself or have a plan to harm another, or share that you are abusing a minor or dependent adult. In these events I am obligated legally to notify the appropriate local protective agency

When you arrive at the first session there is a Consent for Treatment Form you will sign. By doing so it agrees to the disclosure of information that is needed get authorization, or payment for your treatment as required by the terms of your contract with your insurance company.

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