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Request for Info Regarding Local Support Groups/Workshops

Posted by Corinne on January 4, 2010

When I practiced in CA, I had some experience facilitating groups and also presenting workshops in the area.  Now that I am in NC it seems that there is a general shortage of support groups.  I found a list of some on However this may be only my perception and not the actual reality.  Therefore I am asking for comments from any professionals or have knowledge of a support group in the Triangle area to email me or comment and I will publish it on my site.  Support group can be for any issue (Coping with Cancer, Stress, Parenting Skills etc.) .  My hope is that I will update this site with a list of local groups and workshops to serve the community as a resource.

As far as my office and practice is concerned, I am hoping to have about 5-6 workshops/support groups offerend in 2010.  See my page on Groups for details



One Response to “Request for Info Regarding Local Support Groups/Workshops”

  1. Here is a great blog for celiac disease resources in North Carolina.

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